Sustainability and ESG Reporting Services

The collective consciousness towards economy is expanding its horizon towards inclusion and drifting away from linearity. Also, the growing consumer awareness and demand for sustainably sourced products, transparency in standards and labelling of products and services, is making the corporates introspect and make relevant changes in their working model right from decision making within board rooms at creating a planet positive impact, without altering the profits.

At Corporate Professionals we focus on understanding the financial impacts of environmental factors considering a company’s revenue, physical asset value, and operating cash flow. The key offerings include but are not limited to:

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Key Offerings


1. Advisory Governance: Assess current practices and policies and establish innovative approaches for growth through...

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Environmental Law

1. Advisory We provide businesses with a comprehensive and streamlined advisory to understand their environmental compl...

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Impact Funding

1. Social Venture Funds (“SVFs”)- Corpus setup for climate resilience in the form of AIFs and Hedge funds. We are...

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Head - Sustainability and ESG Reporting Services

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