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Insider Trading is a white collar crime that results from trading in securities of a Listed Company by its Insiders while in possession of Price sensitive information of the company. It is considered as a serious crime as it breaches the underlying trust& confidence among stakeholders. Regulators in India have become more vigilant and are devising ways to monitor Insider Trading. The term Insider Trading has gained significant prominence with the recent amendments in the SEBI insider Trading Laws enforced to establish an efficacious mechanism for regulating market infraction. Our specialized team of lawyers and company secretaries experienced in dealing with numerous listed companies are dedicated towards providing end to end solution to meet their legal compliance and regulatory reporting.

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Insider Law Service Offerings

Review of policies and Formulation of Code of Conduct

Every Listed Company and market intermediaries needs to formulate a code of conduct to regulate, monitor and report tradin...

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Designing Internal Control System

Our experienced professionals assist companies inidentifying areas of Insider threat and setting upadequate controls to pr...

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Insider Law Audit

SEBI has extended responsibilities on the Boards and Audit Committeesto ensure legal compliance and verify the systems & c...

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Insider's Training & Workshop

We have been actively involved in providing workshops to the Designated Persons including Promoters, Board of Directors an...

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Tool for Insider Law Management- INSILYSIS

Identifying the organizations’ regulatory compliance and managerial function needs, we have developed ‘INSILYSIS’ wh...

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Representation before Appellate Authority

Our specialized Team in Securities Laws hones the skills of effective drafting and representing before courts/ quasi-judic...

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