Corporate Value Enhancer

“Corporate Value Enhancer” (CVE) is a customized solution for undervalued Companies with great growth potential, aimed at unlocking their real worth by performing a chain of corporate actions.

We believe that every well thought of business has inherent capacity to grow and succeed but many do not achieve the desired level of success and their potential remains hidden. Thus, these businesses require Unlocking of Value through implementation of important financial and non-financial parameters which we have divided into two parts, namely Value Creation including financial re-organization, governance process strengthening, corporate branding support, ongoing regulatory process management, etc. and Value Communication including Public and Investor Relations.

The product is broadly targeted for three classes of Business:

1. Closely held business with great growth potential.
2. Companies planning to tap capital market for funds requirement.
3. Companies already listed but with low market capitalization as compared to peers.

The product is specially designed to meet your needs and to assist you at all levels of your investment- pre or post. Our methodologies remain purely confidential and we endeavor in realizing the best value out of your stuck investments.

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our offering

  • Preliminary review of Business & Capital Structure from fundamental and Investor point of view and comparison with its peer companies to do Value GAP Analysis
  • Identifying Corporate Actions/Structures which could impact Capital Markets (in general) and Company (in particular)
  • Undertaking Due Diligence with focus on identifying the status of Company’s Governance processes, Shareholders Relation initiatives, Corporate Branding status, Board Structure evaluation, Business Plan advisory and Regulatory Processes and compliances
  • Undergoing discussions with Company’s Management and suggesting means to Strengthen the Value Creation processes and control systems
  • Strategic counseling & Public Relations Management for determining means of effective communication of Existing and Future Plans & Growth Story of the Company
  • Making Investor Relations and high level of awareness and understanding about the company and its future growth potential among analysts and investors
  • Building sustainable long-term relationships among sell-side, buy-side and influencers for future growth endeavors
  • Continuous review, management and advisory for sustaining and enhancing Value.


We, being a multi-disciplinary corporate advisory group, having desired experience and expertise of Financial, Legal and Capital Markets have designed and devised this innovative product “Corporate Value Enhancer” in a well-considered and thoughtful manner to help such businesses stepping-up on the ladder of success!


  • Generates interest and creates positive perception in market;
  • Enhance the goodwill of the Company among investors, institutions, lenders and other stakeholders
  • Improvement in market and perceptual capital
  • Unlocking Value and Sustainable Value enhancement.

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