Corporate Investment Protector

Financial markets are inherited with volatilities and there is no assurance of returns on investments. Notwithstanding expert qualification and immense experience, it is common to find your well thought investment not giving desired result with even principal getting unrealizable.

“Corporate Investment Protector” is a product designed especially for Strategic Investors, PE Funds, High Net worth Investor, Venture Funds etc. to assist them in deciding whether their investment is financially and legally viable and would help them in making informed choice to continue or exit from current investments specially in cases where you find your well thought and researched investments going down the drain owing to the factors like:

  • Poor Corporate Governance & Practices of the management
  • Breach of Investment Terms by promoters
  • Clash of Investor-Investee Interest
  • Mismatch in Valuation and Actual Growth
  • Scams and frauds
  • No Easy Exit Option

The product is specially designed to meet your needs and to assist you at all levels of your investment- pre or post. Our methodologies remain purely confidential and we endeavor in realizing the best value out of your stuck investments.

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It will assist in decision making like whether the proposed venture is worth investing and would help in making informed choice to continue or exit from current investments. Most importantly, when your investment faces situations like misrepresentation, mismanagement, breach of trust, losing confidence in management decisions and accounting policies etc., the product will facilitate in finding the best exit option for you involving legal, statutory, financial and negotiation methodologies.


  • We are diversified team of professional with in-depth knowledge and understanding of market scenarios and corporate laws, rules and regulations;
  • We have expertise in financial and industry analysis and work with client oriented approach;
  • Based upon information available at public domains, websites, press reports, industry comparison, we carry out comprehensive analysis of business structure, future viabilities, associated risk(s), management performance, financial analysis, market comparison and law obedience of the investee company and based upon our observations, provide you with alternative recourses to unlock and excavate your investments.


  • Assist in deciding whether the proposed investment is financially and legally viable.
  • Help to take decision whether to continue or liquidate current investment based upon legal and financial assessment.
  • Facilitate realizing value from stuck investments.

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