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Whilst Government/Regulators have taken several measures to enable industry to endure the upheaval. More is still required, as pandemic continues to unsettle the business and economic dynamics.

Who knows better than you, the ground realities of the difficulties being faced in complying with the legal and regulatory provisions of the various corporate laws, under the current stressful times? Corporate Professionals has thus launched this Portal for you to voice—

(A) the areas where further clarifications or relaxations are necessary in respect of matters on which some relaxations have already been issued; and

(B) the further relaxations required in respect of areas which have not yet been addressed.

We will collate your inputs and suggestions and endeavor to raise the issues at the right platforms for resolution and furthering ease of doing business.


Category (A)

Category (B)

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Select Relevant Laws/ Regulations for which you want to give suggestion


Mention relevant provision of law or the relevant topic transaction, where you find issues or challenges of risks


Briefly write down about the issues or risks or challenges and your suggestion(s)

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