INSILYSIS – Digital Database & Insider Law Management Tool

Insider trading is the trading of a Listed company’s stock or other securities based on Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI) about the company. As a measure to prevent insider trading, SEBI, the securities market regulator, through its regulations, prohibits the communication of UPSI; except in furtherance of legitimate purposes, performance of duties or discharge of legal obligations.

In the recent years, as the need to regulate the persons handling and possessing UPSI became critical to prevent & prosecute insider trading acts, SEBI introduced significant amendments to enhance compliance related to prevention of Insider Trading. To this effect the requirement for maintenance of Structured Digital Database has been introduced to create a database of such persons or entities with whom UPSI is shared.

Such requirement of maintenance of Structured Digital Database (SDD) under the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 is not limited to only Listed Company but also extended to Intermediaries and Fiduciaries who due to nature of their roles and functions routinely gain access to various Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI) related to listed entities and their securities as part of their ordinary course of business.

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The Board of Directors or the Head of the organization of every Listed Entity and such other Entities or Persons including SEBI-registered intermediaries and Fiduciaries who deal with the UPSI of a Listed Entity need to maintain a Structured Digital Database with:

  • Adequate Internal Control
  • Time Stamping
  • Audit Trail
  • Searchable Electronic Format
  • Identifying the practical challenges faced by the Companies Intermediaries and Fiduciaries in ensuring compliance with the law, ‘INSILYSIS’ has been developed to ensure the legal requirement of maintenance of Structured Digital Database and also to facilitate Regulatory compliance along with Management Reporting.
  • It is a comprehensive IT Solution especially designed for catering all the requirements of Corporates arising under SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015.
  • The Application is a result of the continuous deliberate efforts and commitment of experienced professionals delivering wide array of services from over 20 years.
  • Thus, it brings together a winning combination of domain knowledge and technology.

On Premise Deployment

  • No outsourcing of data
  • Installation at company’s server
  • Maintain database internally as per legal requirement

Structured Digital Database and recording of UPSI

  • Recording of Name, PAN, and other requisite details of the persons with whom UPSI is shared
  • Details of the nature of UPSI
  • Details of persons who share the UPSI
  • Recording of other preliminary data of Company, its Employees and its External Parties

Pre – clearance of trades

  • Online request to Compliance Officer for pre – clearance of trades
  • Automated procedure for Request Approvals and Rejections (along with reasons thereof)

Internal Control System

  • Maintaining database of names, PAN and contact numbers of Designated Persons (“DP”), their immediate relatives and persons with whom DP shares a material financial relationship
  • Recording of names of education institutions from which DP has graduated
  • Recording of past Employers of DP

Disclosure Management

  • Different disclosures (Initial, Periodic and Continual) can be filed online via portal under different tabs
  • Automatic calculation of triggering limit (10 Lakhs) on which disclosure is to be given
  • Reporting of Code of Conduct Violation in standardized format of SEBI

Trading window management

  • Direct management of Trading Window period and its closure thereof
  • Alerts and notifications of Trading Window closure
  • Customized mails for each event triggering Trading Window closure

Separate Interface

  • Separate interface for Admin, Sub-Admin and User
  • Facility for Admin Approval and specialized reports

Storage Bank

  • Stock Exchange documents & Disclosures made
  • Approvals & Clearances given
  • Transaction records

Alerts and notifications

  • Welcome message to persons on being added to the software.
  • Trading Window alerts
  • Approvals and Rejections and their Intimations
  • Automated Notifications for Trigger of Disclosure

Analytics and Reports

  • Periodic Disclosures made
  • List of Designated Persons and their immediate relatives.
  • List of Pending Transactions (past employers and education institutions)
  • List of Reported Transactions
  • Trading Window History
  • Top 10 Trades etc.

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