Environmental Law

1. Advisory

We provide businesses with a comprehensive and streamlined advisory to understand their environmental compliance requirements, along with clear explanations regarding the rationale behind these obligations. Our expertise spans around Energy Laws, the Environmental Protection Act, Waste Management Laws and Policies, Extended Producer Responsibility, Forest Protection, CAMPA, Green Belts, Basel Convention, International Environmental Laws, and much more.

2. Compliance

We are experts at helping companies understand their legal obligations under State and Central Pollution Laws, and comply with local and national environmental laws, permits and licensing requirements.

3. Audit

We conduct environmental audits and also work with external experts, organisations and third-party assessors to conduct Due Diligence of Environmental Compliances

4. Due Diligence

We conduct a systematic due diligence for investors, following the EIA protocol to evaluate land and possible environmental risks related with contamination and other environmental activities beyond human control

5. Advocacy and Regulatory Support

We routinely represent clients through representations and in person before diverse regulators including the SEBI, RBI, judicial fora including the Electricity Regulatory Commissions, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board, National Green Tribunal, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority, the Solid Waste Management Committees, the Ministry of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Culture, Animal Welfare Board, Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, Health and Family Welfare, Commerce, Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Rural Development and more to give necessary and strategic advocacy support

6. Carbon Credit Advisory, framework development and implementation

We help companies measure, map mitigate and offset their Carbon emissions through strategic expert offsetting and/or trading guidance.

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