Compliance Management

This would become simpler but is required to be meticulous because the penalties have been fixed at a much higher level; which is justified by the fact that ordinary violations if detected would attract a notice for compliance along with direct prosecution. The directional objective being –
– All records shall have to be automated / digitised or maintained on-line.
– Single registration for any establishment plus other compliances to be contained within that single enrolment.
– Direct liabilities of the principle employer in the event of violation by the contractor / outsourcing agency.
In view of the financial perspectives of each area explained above it is necessary for the responsible managers to acquire enough information about the changed liabilities and create a compliant system of value chain analysis for assessing the costing and projecting the fair cost of operations. It is also necessary to be in good stead when the business operations in the times ahead may be required to be flexible and dynamic.

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