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The effective legal documentation is imperative for smooth functioning and growth of the business. Our Team understands the industries and sectors in which the businesses operate and with years of experience and expertise, can help you in drafting effective and regulatory compliant documentation including but not limited to commercial contracts, employee contracts, corporate policies etc.

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Key Offerings

Comprehensive Advisory including Drafting & Negotiations pertaining to Corporate Transactional matters including:

a) Joint Venture Advisory; b) Shareholders’ Agreements; c) Share Purchase/Share Subscription; d) Business Purchase/As...

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Drafting of various Regulatory documents including

a) Memorandum & Articles of Association b) Prospectus, Letter of Offer, c) Information Memorandum, Etc....

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Drafting of various Loans/Debts raising documents like

a) Secured and Unsecured Loan Agreements; b) Secularization Agreements; c) Debenture Agreements...

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Comprehensive Advisory including Drafting & Negotiations pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights including the following

a) Technology Transfer and Technology Sharing Agreements; b) IPR Licensing/ Assignment Agreements; c) R& D Agreements et...

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Drafting of Pre-contractual documents including

a) Non-disclosure agreements (also known as “NDA”s and “confidentiality agreements”) b) Memoranda of Understandin...

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Drafting of Trust Deeds & Trusteeship Agreements


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Drafting of various Other Service/ Business/ Commercial Agreements including

a) Franchise agreements b) Non-Compete Agreements c) Employment agreements etc....

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