Valuation and Biz Modelling Services

Knowing what business is worth and what determines its value is prerequisite for intelligent decision making. Valuation of a startup is a peculiar practice as it is more of an art than a science, especially in the absence of revenue. With our extensive experience as a pioneer registered valuer, we can determine the right value of your business using the most suitable valuation technique, so that you can procure the investments & enter into deals at a fair price. We can assist at various stages of your business as the need of valuation arises for different purposes and various transactions such as:

  • Fresh Issue of shares
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Business Combination/ Scheme of Arrangements
  • ESOPs and Sweat Equity Issue Valuation
  • Fair Value Accounting for Financial Reporting
  • Valuation of Assets and Intangibles
  • Deal Advisory

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