Issue Management-IPO/FPO/SME/Rights/Debt/ QIP Issuances, Etc.

Public Issues
SEBI Regulations mandate all Public Issues to be to be mandatorily managed by SEBI Registered Merchant Bankers. We, being Category I Merchant Bankers, are well equipped in handling the same. Getting a listed face adds more credibility to the Company, makes it better known among public at large. The Public Issue may happen on the Main Boards or as a SME IPO. issuances
Funds raising through Rights Issues/ QIP Issuances:
As per the SEBI Regulations, Rights Issues can be of 3 types: Rights Issue of less than Rs 10 Cr, a fast track Rights Issue or a normal Rights Issue. We, being Category I Merchant Bankers assist the companies in raising funds through the Rights Issues and also QIP issuances.

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