Mar 23, 2020

SEBI Relaxation for Companies having Listed NCDs/ NCRPs/ Commercial Paper

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SEBI vide circular dated Mar 23, 2020 granted relaxation in timelines to entities having their listed NCD/ NCRPS/ Commercial paper from compliance due to the CoVID -19 virus pandemic, which inter-alia include the following:

    (a) Filing Audited financials as on Sep-30-2019 in offer document for issuance of CPs/ NCD by May-31-2020

    (b) Filing of Initial Disclosure by Large Corporate (For listed equity as well): By June-30-2020

    (c) Filing of Annual Disclosure by Large Corporate(For listed equity as well): By Jun-30-2020

    (d) Filing of Financial Results: By Jun-30-2020

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