Jan 22, 2015

Last Opportunity for Regionally Listed Companies

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Last Opportunity for Regionally Listed Companies

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. This is in context to the ongoing dilemma as to Delhi Stock Exchange’s derecognition and the loss of Listed status. With much delight, we share SEBI’s decision pertaining to last opportunity to the Regionally Listed Companies for deriving the True Value they should have had as listed Companies or being enjoyed by their Peers.

SEBI in its Board Meeting held on 22nd January, 2015 has offered a boulevard of multiplying the growth prospects by opening a doorway for the Regionally Listed Companies who could not avail the Direct Listing option, because of the issuance of sudden derecognition order of DSE, to be now able to get their securities listed on the Stock Exchanges having nationwide terminal i.e. BSE and NSE, by providing them a time span of 18 months.

Please note that this is the LAST OPPORTUNITY to board the “Remain Listed” bandwagon and not to lose your listed status, because once lost, it will be possible only by way of an IPO.

The decision to remain listed or to lose your listed status is needed to be taken keeping in view your succession planning as well…… whether your future generations would like to have a Company with enhanced Market Credibility or a closely held business!!

Unlock your hidden value on one hand and get into the docket of being listed on Nationwide Terminals without incurring hefty cost of Public Offers, on the other.

For further process and nitty gritties, feel free to contact the undersigned.

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