Mar 25, 2020

Compliance simplified by BSE & NSE amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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NSE & BSE on comprehending the challenges being faced by company’s personnel working from home and requirement to submit necessary compliance within appropriate deadlines, allowed submission of documents without signature i.e. SD/- through their online Listing Portal, inter-alia, including disclosure under Reg. 29/30/31 of SEBI Takeover Regulations, 2011. Below are the details:

1) Any Submission/ Disclosure: Any submissions made over Listing Centre of the NSE & BSE may be submitted without signature i.e. SD/- will be deemed as sufficient compliance. Companies are requested to specify the name of the Person submitting the filing and the contact number in the submission.

2) Disclosure under Reg. 29/30/31 of SEBI Takeover Regulations, 2011:

  • Disclosure filed in SD/- Mode shall be accepted as compliance if the same are received through NEAPS Portal under Announcement under:
  • NEAPS > Compliance > Announcements > Announcements/CA > Subject: Disclosure under SEBI Takeover Regulations.
  • The listed entities are also requested to provide two copies of the disclosures (i.e. ZIP file – One with PAN and one without PAN), wherever PAN is mentioned.
  • The listed entities are thus required to strictly submit the disclosures under abovementioned subject.
  • In case the listed entity submits the disclosure under any other subject, the same will be automatically disseminated to the market & along with for disclosure of PAN on the website.
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