Companies Bill 2012

Brief Summary of the Book

The Companies Bill 2012 has been a long awaited one by professional bodies and the industry. The Bill promises to provide updated Company Law provisions with explicit concept of Global Practices. A few examples of such are the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), fixed term for Independent Directors, Women Director, Rotation of Auditors, Class Action Suits, etc. along-with many other concepts that are mentioned in this book.

This book also delves into and highlights new sections that have been positioned in the Companies Bill 2012. It comprises detailed description and comparison of various Chapters of the Bill, revisions in old sections of the Act corresponding to new sections of the Bill, and V ice-versa.

The book covers:

  1. Key Highlights ofthe Companies Bill, 2012
    • Bulleted points cover the major highlights of the Bill, and a graphic summarises the overall Bill
    • Major Chapter-wise Highlights.
  2. New Concepts
    • New Concepts introduced in the Bill with their salient features – Iin an easy to understand bulleted/tabular format, eg. One person Company, Independent Directors, etc.
  3. Clause-wise analysis of the Bill
    • What’s new, what’s modified and what’s dropped from Companies Act 1956 along with text of relevant clauses of Bill 2012.
  4. Companies Bill, 2012 v Companies Act, 1956
    • A Clause-wise arrangement of the Companies Bill, 2012 against the corresponding sections of the Companies Act, 1956.
  5. Companies Act, 1956 v Companies Bill, 2012
    • A section-wise arrangement of the Companies Act, 1956 against corresponding clauses of the Companies Bill, 2012
  6. A listing of deleted sections from the Companies Act, 1956
  7. Comparative view of Chapters in the Companies Bill, 2012 and Companies Act. 1956
    • Provided in a tabular format, focussing on the key topics contained in major chapter
  8. Companies Bill, 2012 – Clause-wise listing of Rules to be prescribed.
    • A large number of clauses in the Bill provides for matter which will be prescribed. Separately in form of rules.This section provides a guide to the clauses for which Rules are to be prescribed.
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