Company Law Ready Referencer June, 2023 Edition


About the Book

Company Law Ready Referencer is yet another innovative publication from the house of Corporate Professionals to serve as an ideal accompaniment of our best-selling publications i.e. ‘Companies Act, 2013 and Rules & Forms with Concise Commentary’ and ‘Handbook of Company Law Procedures’. This book covers more than 115 handy Ready Referencer in the form of tables and charts, so that reader can refer to the relevant ready referencer instead of complete reading of the Companies Act. Apart from this, the book covers Section-wise Circulars issued under the Companies Act; various Board and General meetings related Drafts & Formats, Newspaper Advertisements, Affidavits, Indemnity Bond, Declarations & Deeds etc.

Key Features:

  • More than 115 handy Ready Referencer, to facilitate quick reference of the relevant provisions of Company Law.
  • Sec on-wise Circulars for clarity and quick reference.
  • List of Forms and Formats; Member’s Approvals; Board’s Approvals; Privileges and Exemptions; Gist of various Disclosures; Statutory Registers under the Companies Act 2013.
  • List of Compliances including Annual, Post-Incorpora on, Parameter based for Private, Unlisted Public & Listed Company.
  • Board and General meetings related Drafts and Formats.
  • Formats of Newspaper Adver sements, Affidavits, Indemnity Bond, Declarations and Deeds.

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