Companies Act, 2013 and Rules & Forms With Concise Commentary and Referencer 16th Edition

About the Book

Companies Act, 2013 and Rules & Forms is the best seller from the House of Corporate Professionals, which has emerged as a leader in bringing out up-to-date books on the Companies Act, 2013 with more than 60,000 copies sold till date. The book is widely recognised for its easy reference to relevant rules alongside each section. Now, easy reference has also been facilitated to important circulars and penal provisions, in each section. While maintaining its credibility from the last 15th editions, the scope of the 16th edition has been expanded by covering amendments upto 01st August, 2023. It also incorporates section wise legislative clause and useful ready referencers.

Key Features:

  • Book is divided into Six (6) divisions. Reader may directly go to any division with the help of rain-fall spot on fore-edge of the Book
  • Companies Act, 2013 as amended by Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020
  • New Winding Up Rules and CARO, 2020 included along with CARO, 2016
  • Enforcement Status of Companies Act, 2013 and the subsequent amendments made, along with the date from which effective.
  • Sections of Companies Act, 1956 vis-a-vis sections of Companies Act, 2013 & vice-versa
  • Concise referencer on various resolutions, disclosures in Board’s report, privileges and exemptions for various kinds of companies, list of offences etc.
  • Text of SS-1, SS-2, SS-3 and SS-4 issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Text of all Circulars & Orders issued under the Companies Act, 2013

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