Business Valuation in India – beyond the numbers 2nd Edition

About the Book

Business valuation is critical for transactions including Fund raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sale of businesses, Strategic business decisions, Voluntary value assessment and also for regulatory and financial reporting in accordance with applicable laws. Today ‘Valuation’ in evolving economy like India, is a niche profession with a rousing need to standardise the divergent valuation practices. It has led to the requirement of capacity building among the valuation professionals and thereafter the need of proper tools and resources for them.

This 2nd edition of book from the house of Corporate Professionals is fully updated and is a well conceptualised guide, to act as the First hand tool to the Valuers and Companies. Beyond the valuation principles, processes, approaches, methodologies and challenges, it covers at length the important metrics which form the fundamentals of valuation. It comprehensively covers the legal requirements of Valuation in India in different situations and also analyses important judicial pronouncements on Valuation by Indian Courts and Tax Tribunals.

A Comprehensive Commentary covering:

  • International Valuation Standards, issued by the IVSC
  • Regulatory and Industry position as on May, 2019
  • Updated Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017
  • Latest Industry-wise trends of 30 Industries for last 10 years
  • Case Studies on DCF, Relative and Intangible Valuations

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