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“ESOP Guardian” is a Specialized Software designed especially to take care of all the database management needs pertaining to ESOPs of any Company-be it listed or unlisted. As the name suggests, it is a Guardian of the Company’s ESOP Scheme(s) and Employees availing the same. It is a simplified software and easily understandable even to all- Management as well as Employees. It is a smart way of managing complete ESOP data by a Company. It is a tool for the Employees to view and manage their ESOP Portfolio and for the Management to keep a track of all the ESOP transactions. Being Online, it is accessed just at a Click.

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  • Online Management of the ESOP Scheme(s);
  • Distinctively designed for Listed and Unlisted Companies;
  • Can be suitably customized as per different Scheme(s) of any Company;
  • Separate Interface for Company, Employee(s) & Accounts Department;
  • Management of Multiple ESOP Schemes’ / innumerable employees at one location.


  • Separate login & password for the Company and its each and every employee;
  • Following details are managed at a one place:
  • Company information with its Holdings as well Subsidiaries;
  • Multiple Schemes of Employee Stock Options;
  • Details of innumerable employees;
  • Online management of Grant and Vesting;
  • Online Acceptance and Exercise;
  • All intimations and correspondence between the employees and Management;
  • Employee ESOP Portfolio;
  • Complete chronological record of all Payment details of the Employees;
  • Perquisite calculation of each employee
  • Multiple kinds of Reports can be generated – Employee wise/ Location wise/ Company wise/ Scheme wise/ Grant wise/ Acceptance wise/ Exercise wise/ Vesting wise, and many more.
  • Auto Alert facility to the Employees as well as the Management with regard to the grant and exercise of options;
  • Auto linking to the running Market Price, to enable the employees to take retaining/ disposing decisions.


  • It helps in managing the ESOP Plans from a centralized location;
  • This reduces the paperwork and time of the management as all the correspondence can be managed with the help of this Software;
  • Without any barriers, the Management can manage and track the ESOP transactions of even their foreign employees-its own/ its Holding Company’s/ Subsidiary’s;
  • It is easy for employees and is less time consuming with little procedural workings, thus making Acceptance of Grants and Exercising just a click away;
  • Management can even keep a track of the ESOPs details of the Ex employees of the company.

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