Corporate Law Compliance & Governance

Founders in quest of procuring funding often find themselves mired in onerous obligations that create future impediments in managing the entity and making business decisions. We ensure that your organization is not just fully compliant with the applicable Corporate laws but it also aligns your organization to work in sync with the ever-evolving regulatory framework, so that you are prepared to take on such challenges head-on. Having expertise in Corporate Law Practice & Procedure we can give you holistic long-term view of the underlying governance and safeguard your rights as the founder.

Our focused and expert team offers wide array of customized solutions to meet your various following needs:

  • Designing Board Procedures and Governance Practices
  • Assisting conduct of Board Meetings and documentation
  • Advising on Management Policies & execution of strategic decisions
  • Guidance on Regulatory Compliances (Companies Act, FEMA, DIPP etc.)
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and documents
  • E-filings with various regulators

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