Jul 17, 2013

SEBI Reworking on Delisting Regulations

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SEBI Reworking on Delisting Regulations
While speaking at a Conference in New Delhi, SEBI Chairman, Mr U.K Sinha said that SEBI is in the process of revamping the SEBI Delisting Regulations.
The Capital Market Regulator has already tightened its waders to refurbish the regime of Indian Capital Market with the intent to control and curb the manipulative practices going on in the market.
From the last 2 years, SEBI is making continuous efforts to plug all the ambiguities in the regulatory framework to ensure perspicuity on one hand and to rebuild investors’ confidence in the Capital Market, on the other. SEBI has already revamped the Takeover Code, Minimum Public Shareholding norms etc. Buy-backs and preferential allotments have already been deliberated upon and announced.
Now moving further towards its expedition of ensuring lucidity in the regime, SEBI has initiated the process of relooking the existing Delisting Norms. The existing Delisting Regulations were promulgated about 4 years back. In our opinion, it’s the apt time to rework on the same and plug in the existing grey areas.
From the type of amendments being made in the other Regulations, its apparent that the Regulator is in no mood to accept any fall outs and is looking to establish a compliant environ. Likewise, same can be expected even for Delisting Regulations as well.
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